Organic farming,
an obvious choice

Respect for the soil, respect for animals and respect for nature

"Getting involved day after day for nature to flourish and we give the best of herself", this could be the motto of the organic farmer.

The organic farmer is listening to nature and the earth. It uses agricultural methods that respect the natural equilibrium: no pesticides, synthetic chemical fertilizers, preservatives or artificial colors, no GMO seeds..
Organic farming also requires great knowledge both in agronomy in animal science!

Quality Cereals

Fruits & Vegetables

Savoury meats

Direct sale


Direct sales, a quality assurance

The benefits are many, both for the consumer, and for the producer.

For the consumer

Eating healthy, organic and quality products
Know the origin of products and production methods
Be able to eat organic without breaking the bank
Establishing a direct link with producers promoting a relationship of trust and solidarity

For the producer

The direct sale of their production at a fair price
he possibility of sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture





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